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Air Guitar’s summer bash melts away the stress of school

Jill Vallance | May 21, 2019

The sun played its role well in this year’s theme of Air Guitar: Summer Bash. The popularity of the annual, time-honored event can be seen from the waves of kids that wait to get into the school at 6…

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Actor Zachary Levi’s emotional journey from Ventura local to superhero stardom

Bella Hall | May 15, 2019

“I remember when I was a kid—a little kid—growing up in Ventura and running around barefoot on hot summer days, when the sun would go down the pavement and the concrete would all still be warm at…

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First-generation college students break barriers with AVID

Rachel Chang | April 5, 2019

Quick glances and prideful smiles were exchanged, then the three of them exclaimed in synchrony: “We all got into college!”

Jocelyn Soriano ‘19, Jay Garcia ‘19 and Josiah Beharry ‘19 were…

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Student, teacher perspectives on the college admissions scandal
Admissions Scandal

Lauren Shields | April 2, 2019

The college admissions scandal that was uncovered in mid-March of 2019 highlights the one major injustice in the process of college admissions: the fact that fraud, bribery and cheating give the wealthy…

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Meet Dudeo Perez, the local band inspired by a childhood alter ego
Arts & Entertainment

Jocelyn Brossia | March 12, 2019

When we met in the dimly-lit Bombay Bar & Grill before their performance on Jan. 27, each member of Dudeo Perez was dressed casually with laid-back smiles plastered on their faces. They exuded passion…

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