Prepcast Episode 3: Black at Gulliver Prep (feat. Bianca Corgan ’16 and Jonathan Ubalijoro ’17)

By Paulino Mercenari, Julian Concepcion, Bianca Corgan, and Jonathan Ubalijoro

In this special episode of the Prepcast, hosts Julian Concepcion and Paulino Mercenari talk with Bianca Corgan (Gulliver ’16, Georgetown University ’20) and Jonathan Ubalijoro (Gulliver ’17, Rice University ’21), activists and creators of the new and popular Instagram account @blackatgulliverprep. Inspired by the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, the creators of the account also wrote a petition and policy proposal, now signed by over 700 members of the school community.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is at the forefront now, but it’s actually revealing problems that have been here for a very long time that weren’t being talked about,” said Ubalijoro. “Yes, it’s uncomfortable that we are talking about institutional racism, but these are good conversations that need to happen as they pave the way for more change.”

Accounts like @blackatgulliverprep are not limited to the Prep. Since the beginning of the movement, thousands of high schools and colleges across the country have been using social media accounts like Instagram to divulge and discuss incidents of racism on campus, as well as to inspire ways for the community to become more aware of what happens on campus, and become actively antiracist. As alumni and members of the school community, Corgan and Ubalijoro aim to show support for the movement and help bring about positive change, so that all students feel comfortable and accepted on campus.

To read the document containing the creators’ policy proposal, see the list of signatures, and voice your own support for the movement, click the following link: 

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This story was originally published on The Raider Voice on September 29, 2020.