Prepcast Episode 7: Feminism Explained (feat. Olivia Martin-Johnson)

By Paulino Mercenari, Julian Concepcion, and Olivia Martin-Johnson

In this next episode of the Prepcast, hosts Paulino Mercenari and Julian Concepcion bring on junior Olivia Martin-Johnson, creator of the “Feminism Explained” newsletter and member of the P.O.W.E.R. club at school to follow her interest in feminism and her passion for learning about women’s rights and pursuing her dream of becoming a politician. Mercenari, Concepcion, and Martin-Johnson discuss what her and other students in the club’s involvement in feminism is all about, as well as what can be done to eliminate mainstream misconceptions about the movement to create a truly equal world for both women and men.

Here is Martin-Johnson’s mission statement on her website:

“Feminism Explained (F.E.) is a monthly newsletter. It’ intent, addressing the negative connotations associated with the word ‘feminism’. In today’s society, it is somewhat common to hear people say they do not believe in feminism due to its radical ideology. As feminists, we know this not to be true. Feminism is the desire for equality amongst the genders.

F.E. Monthly newsletter will include discussions on what feminism really stands for (gender equality) and interviews with women in high power positions. These women will be speaking about obstacles they faced, if any, to get to their positions. They will share the hardships they endured and how their present position continues to demonstrate, if any, the ongoing struggles women have to endure to get to where they are at. F.E. will include statistics, providing facts and examples of gender inequality locally, nationally, and internationally. F.E. will also include historical events, reminding us how our ancestors fought to allow us to function as we do today. Our newsletter will highlight initiatives taken on by women and the difference we can make.”

This story was originally published on The Raider Voice on January 26, 2021.