Leaving campus for cookies, former Redhawk opens sweet franchise

By Madigan Gunia, Liberty High School - TX

After working on campus for 13 years in the technology department, Merry Moch replaced computers with cookies.

It all started when her daughter Sydney went to college at Colorado State University and discovered a cooke store called Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Moch and her husband Danny loved the cookies so much, they decided to open their own franchise on the square in McKinney.

It’s a popular spot for Redhawk staff members including assistant principal Phil Brown.

“They are probably some of the best cookies that I’ve witnessed for life. They’re large, huge, and just have great flavors and just a great taste just everything that they do with them is a phenomenal experience.”

Originally scheduled to open back in the fall, things were delayed to COVID.

“I think because if COVID it took us a little bit longer to get started,” Moch said. “It took construction, permits and things took a little bit longer, but since we’ve opened October 23rd and it has been a whirlwind. McKinney is amazing, they are all completely supportive of us. They want to help us and want us to sustain the business and it’s been really good for us so far.”

Featuring huge cookies, and other treats, Brown thinks it’s a great spot for students to meet their sweet tooth cravings.

“Well if you want to have a unique experience, if you like cookies or if you like a different variety of cookies I would tell students to take the time to go down to the shop and see what they have to offer,” Brown said. “They do have a great variety of cookies, they also have ice cream. They have edible doughs that you can experience as well so  it’s definitely worth the trip.”

This story was originally published on Wingspan on March 17, 2021.