“The Stream” helps advance senior’s filmmaking aspirations

By Aditi Darodkar, Liberty High School - TX

Director, writer, producer, editor and filmmaker, a senior on campus is all that.

And now, he’s getting ready for the next stage in his career.

According to HollywoodReporter, University of Southern California, Emerson, UT Austin. and DePaul are in the top fifteen of filmmaking colleges.

Once we made them first film, I was like I gotta make more of these. I’m still very much an amateur, and I have a lot to grow, a lot to know, but this is a good start for me,

— senior, filmmaker Shrey Tiwari

Getting into these colleges was a dream for senior Shreyansh Tiwari, who made a short film and got accepted into all three, with confirmation pending from USC.

However, film making wasn’t always Tiwari’s passion.

“Really it was relatively new for me. I remember I wasn’t as interested in filming things or I mean I always liked movies but I wasn’t that into it until literally a few year when I made my first short film which was called Renegade,” Tiwari said. “Everyone can see how amateur I was the first time it was pretty rough, but it was one of my favorite projects because we had so much fun just filming it making it. Once we made them first film, I was like I gotta make more of these, and I just went on and on and on and here I am. I’m still very much an amateur and I have a lot to grow a lot to know but um this is a good start for me.”

The Stream is a three minute short film that got Tiwari into the colleges.

“It’s about a character about who we intentionally left him unnamed because I wanted it to apply to everyone, and really this main character is going through a loss that’s the main pretext,” Tiwari said. “He is unable to process the death in his own special way like he doesn’t know how to react. He feels infuriated, he slaps himself, he gets agitated. Everything happens to him but he still can’t properly understand why this is happening to him. Eventually he ends up going to the stream, and whenever he feels the water for the first time is when he realizes that this is what he has to do to overcome his own problems like he has to move forward. He has to realize that this is what happened, and you know you can, you’ll miss whoever died, and also whoever died is also left intentionally blank like you can fill in whoever it is, for maybe it’s a dog, maybe it’s his best friend, maybe it’s his relative or anyone. It could be anyone.”

The stream for me symbolizes the ability to move forward. It keeps going on, nothing stops it really,

— Tiwari

However, the real meaning of The Stream is deeper than it seems.

“The stream for me symbolizes the ability to move forward,” Tiwari said. “The ability to keep adapting, keep changing as a stream just keeps going on you know unless there’s a boulder in its path or something, even then it just goes around the boulder. It keeps going on, nothing stops it really.”

For senior Pranshu Verma, being an actor in these short films means being able to watch Tiwari’s progress in filmmaking.

“Shrey’s been working really hard over the past three years,” Verma said. “If you look at our previous films starting from Renegade, to his last film The Stream, you can see that his progression is like directing and of cinematography in general, is just yeah, it’s just really good.”

This story was originally published on Wingspan on April 9, 2021.