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A Golden Legacy

Boys basketball head coach achieves 500th win
Christopher Alvarez
Looking on from the sideline, Coach Cary Black observes the action from the ongoing game.

The buzzer blares, the boys basketball team pulls off another win in a very close showdown. Coach Cary Black, thinking that this is only an ordinary win, walks to the locker room, only to be jumped at and  swarmed with cheers from his players, other coaches, and wife.

On December 2, coach Black achieved his 500th win during a tournament against Morton Ranch.

“Honestly, I didn’t know that game was the 500th [win] until my assistant coach and the players started celebrating,” Black said. “I didn’t know what they were celebrating for, but then they told me and I was like oh okay, great!”

Since becoming the head coach in the 2001-2002 season, Black’s impact on Klein Forest cannot be overlooked . His 500th win is evidence of his dedication to and a moment of success for the Klein Forest Basketball program, with many of the staff and players truly excited for Black and his accomplishment.

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“I’m grateful to be a part of this milestone,” assistant coach Darius Gatson said. “It was great to see all the kids, principal Alexander and his wife celebrating for him for this huge milestone and I’m super excited for him.”

Since obtaining this record, Black continues to not focus on chasing accolades and records, but instead prioritizing what he loves doing the most.

“500 wins was never really a milestone for me and I’m not really concerned with milestones,” Black said. “I want to keep coaching basketball and keep on doing what we’re doing and have fun doing it.”

Throughout his career as coach, Black has continued to focus on developing ways to make his student athletes better.

“I’m trying to get these young people to be the best team we can be and act right and do right,” Black said. “And then they grow and mature and you see them get better and have success and that’s enjoyable.”

Black has a combined total of 27 years of coaching experience at Klein Forest. He’s worked with many current coaches and principals such as Klein Oak head coach Josh Ervin, Klein Forest principal Lance Alexander, and assistant coach Gatson.

“Coach Black has given me kind of a blank canvas, in the sense of how to grow and evolve and I’ve learned a lot,” Gatson said. “I’ve learned to stay humble, not have an ego, that all jobs are your jobs, there’s no being too big for sweeping the floor and you’re not too big for coaching freshman.”

This type of impact is recognized by many people. Black was formerly Houston Coach of the Year, Texas High School Coach of the Year, and multiple time District Coach of the Year. However, these accomplishments haven’t changed the way Black has carried himself over the years, according to his wife Susan Black.

“He’s been the same most of his life, he’s not a very showy person,” Mrs. Black said. “He’s not looking for awards or for people to give him praise, he’s been the quiet one getting things done.”

This humbleness is a main trait of Black, which is seen throughout the years by the many people around him. Black continues to show gratitude to those people for their support.

“It’s hard to be a basketball coach with the long hours, stress, and losing,” Black said. “After everything they’ve been supportive and I really appreciate it.”

This story was originally published on The Pinnacle on February 13, 2024.