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DCIS is Exploring the Possibilities for the 2020-2021 School Year

DCIS staff members are working to plan for all of the potential outcomes of this pandemic.

By Shivani R. and Mikah C.

May 20, 2020

As the 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close, students are growing more and more excited about the possibilities of the upcoming school year, scheduled to start in August of 2020. Children used to long for the days of summer when school was out of session, but now they can’t wait to return to...

Healthcare Workers Are Stepping Up Against the Pandemic

Healthcare workers are still going to work even if they are put at risk, continuing to be there for their communities.

By Mikah C. and Shivani R.

May 7, 2020

The coronavirus has temporarily closed businesses and offices until it is considered reasonably safe to return to public places. But health care officials are still required to go to work, as hospitals are always open. As of May 4th in San Bernardino County alone, there have been 2,182 confirmed cases....

Growing trend among parents causes them to avoid vaccines

VACCINATED. Tennessee state law requires vaccinations for students to attend public schools. Some parents have begun to avoid vaccines.

By Michael Fanning, John Sevier Middle School

April 30, 2020

In Virginia, the House of Representatives is trying to pass a law that students need thirteen more vaccines and a required flu shot to attend public school. Many lives that have been lost throughout history could have been saved with a now controversial tool: vaccination. Vaccines began in 1796 with...

Teachers and students embrace body art

MY BODY, MY CANVAS. Sevier teacher Ty Hayworth shows off his tattoos. Several Sevier teachers and students have body art.

By Amber Cowden, John Sevier Middle School

April 27, 2020

When people think of tattoos and piercings, they think of them as something cool. There are many stereotypes about tough people that have them, like bikers and criminals. As it turns out, however, there are many teens, and even teachers, who have tattoos or piercings. Rhys Wilkins is an 11-year-old...

Marvelous masks

Once the masks were finished, they were sorted into plastic bags.

By Grace Miller, Cannon Falls High School

April 17, 2020

There has been a huge swell in face mask usage lately as the COVID-19 virus works its way across the world. Fearful citizens wear them on the few trips taken out of the house. Food workers sport these masks for the safety of their consumers. Health care workers must wear them to protect themselves and...

How Has the ESD Staff Been Affected by Distance Learning?

The halls at Day Creek Intermediate may be empty, but learning is still taking place despite the current situations.

By Shivani R. and Mikah C.

April 16, 2020

It is widely known that due to the coronavirus, the Etiwanda School District has temporarily closed its schools and transitioned to Distance Learning. Many students are pleased to swap six hours of school for watching their teacher on a screen while lounging in their cotton pajamas. Students have...

Hackers target schools for money, personal information

HACKED! Sixth grade math teacher Kristen Bridwell illustrates what it may feel like for a teacher's computer to get hacked. Hackers are targeting schools more than ever before.

By Kaitlyn Burke, John Sevier Middle School

April 14, 2020

In October of last year, Johnson City Schools’ teachers and staff members received a message from computer hackers on their screens. “Every byte of any types of your devices was encrypted,” the message read. “Don’t try to use backups, because it were encrypted, too.” The hackers hit...

New anonymous reporting system arrives at Sevier Middle

HELP IS AVAILABLE. Macy Davis, left, checks out a poster advertising the new

By ShayLeigh Honaker, John Sevier Middle School

April 9, 2020

Kingsport City Schools has recently put a new anonymous reporting system in place. Students can now report problems at school anonymously. Holly Flora is the principal at John Sevier Middle School. “P3 is a program that allows for students and families to share concerns with school staff at any...

The Howl Unscripted: Day Creek in Quarantine

In this episode, Ashley and Azam discuss the effects of the Coronavirus quarantine on DCIS...and they are mostly negative.

By Ashley P. and Azam E.

April 8, 2020

This story was originally published on The Day Creek Howl on April 7, 2020....

COVID-19 virus shuts down Kingsport schools

SMALL VIRUS, BIG PROBLEMS. This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals the structure of the coronavirus. Since the virus has arrived in the United States, it has shut down schools and business all over the country.

By Meredith Mooney, John Sevier Middle School

April 6, 2020

People all over the world are buying massive amounts of toilet paper to protect themselves against a world-wide fear: COVID 19. This massive illness has shut down schools all around the world, including Kingsport City Schools. COVID-19, or coronavirus, is a respiratory illness that develops through...

Students, teachers handle switch to online classes

Assignments and updates are posted through Google Classroom, email and other sites to keep students updated. Students have used their Chromebooks and physical books throughout the first week of online classes.

By Paris Lawson, Altoona Area Junior High School

April 3, 2020

School has been closed since March 16 with an original return date of April 6 due to the Covid-19 virus. Now, it is not supposed to resume until at least April 30 under Governor Tom Wolf’s newest order. Since this is a long lapse of time out of physical classes, the junior high and high school have...

Joe Biden Commits to Choosing a Female Vice President

During the 11th Democratic Debate, Joe Biden committed to selecting a female running mate. The move has caused both support, and controversy. In this episode, Ashley and Azam take a deep dive into whether the move was good or bad.

By Ashley P. and Azam E.

April 1, 2020

This story was originally published on The Day Creek Howl on March 31, 2020....

Local student becomes a champion in new sport Disc Golf

A RISING STAR ATHLETE. Eighth grade student Dakota Benton has become a champion in a new sport, disc golf. He has won several events and is event ranked by the official disc golf association.

By Camille Carter, John Sevier Middle School

March 27, 2020

If travel, playing your favorite game and winning sound fun, then take a look at the life of Dakota Benton, a disc golf champion.   Benton is 14 years old and attends the 8th grade at Sevier Middle. He has also been playing disc golf for six years. Disc golf is an unknown sport and not many people...

No one eats alone

Student council members marked the middle schoolers  hand while they got into the line for lunch.

By Angel Zheng, Cannon Falls High School

March 25, 2020

Awkward stalls in conversation abound as the middle schoolers walked toward their tables. Entering into the lunchroom on February 21, middle school students were met with unusual circumstances. Colored cards decorated the tables and student council members marked the hands of everyone in attendance with...

Hartsook looks back on her season as a female football player

READY TO TAKE THE FIELD. Katie Hartsook stands on the sidelines during a Sevier football game. Hartsook was the only girl on Sevier's football team this school year.

By Anna Harrington, John Sevier Middle School

March 24, 2020

Football is a physically demanding sport that is most often played by boys. It’s fairly rare for a girl to join a football team, but not completely unheard. In the past, there have been girls that occasionally tried out for the football team at Sevier Middle. This year, Katie Hartsook did, too. ...

Robinson Middle tests “Harry Potter” inspired house system

A KINGSPORT HOGWARTS? This coat of arms mock-up represents the effort of Robinson Middle to bring a

By Adyn Smith, John Sevier Middle School

March 18, 2020

In the “Harry Potter” stories, the school of Hogwarts is divided into houses. Students are sorted into these houses based on their traits and their own wishes. In the House Cup challenge, houses face off against each other for the most points at the end of the year. Now, a school in Kingsport has...

A divided nation continues to grapple with the death penalty

PRO DEATH PENALTY. A large percentage of students surveyed support the death penalty, despite the fact that they also believe innocent people have been sentenced to death.

By Michael Fanning, John Sevier Middle School

March 17, 2020

Michael McCormick was sentenced to death for murder in Chattanooga in 1985. He was convicted due to a strand of hair found at the crime scene. After twenty years awaiting his execution, however, the DNA of the hair turned out to belong to another person. In 2018 alone, 25 people have been executed...

KCS sports mascots are part of a national controversy

INAPPROPRIATE SPIRIT? The Sevier Middle School

By Meredith Mooney, John Sevier Middle School

March 17, 2020

The football players walk onto the field, the wet grass on their cleats. Sweat trickles down their backs as the crowd erupts in cheers. Their cries echo across the stadium: “Red-skins! Red-skins!” The lights flash. The horns blare. Their team spirit is crushing millions of spirits across the country. ...

Former orchestra teacher leaves a legacy of love

A PASSION FOR TEACHING. Guice teaches her orchestra students at Sevier Middle in this 2013 file photo. She spent more than 25 years teaching passing along her passion for music to students of all ages.

By Anna Harrington, John Sevier Middle School

March 9, 2020

You can lose a part of yourself and never know it.  Former Sevier orchestra teacher Ashley Guice recently passed away after a brief struggle with cancer. Guice has taught many students in the Kingsport school system, since she taught at several different schools. Likewise, lots of teachers have had...

Bus behavior affects drivers

Amtran buses takes students home at the end of the day. The Amtran buses are parked outside the junior high.

By Maddie Cowfer, Altoona Area Junior High School

March 5, 2020

Riding the bus to school is a part of everyday life for many students. The student code of conduct establishes rules and guidelines for behavior on the buses.  Some students might not think anything of what they are doing on the bus, but misbehavior can lead to distracting the bus driver.   ...

Student hairstyles cause controversies across nation

CONTROVERSIAL HAIR? My'yon Lanier wears her hair in a natural style while waiting for school to start.

By Aubree Puckett, John Sevier Middle School

March 5, 2020

In New Jersey, a referee forced a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before he could participate in a match. In Texas, a 4-year-old named Michael Scott had to cut his long hair before he could go to school. These cases are part of a national trend; students’ hair choices are increasingly criticized...

Earning His Wings- Sean D.

Despite having dyslexia, Sean D. pursues his childhood dream of being a pilot.

By Addison M. and Kaylee L.

February 17, 2020

A California driver's license can’t be obtained until the age of sixteen, but what about a pilot’s license? You’d have to ask eighth-grader Sean D. who has been drawn to the idea of flying since he was a little kid.  “(When I first took an interest in flying) I was six and we always went...

Dancers share love of art form

Emma Mussleman started dancing when she was three years old. She practiced different styles of dance over the years.

By Sufana Hamid, Altoona Area Junior High School

February 10, 2020

Students are involved in other activities outside of school such as dancing. Dancers must make a time commitment daily. “I’ve been in the same studio since I was three or four years old. I took small little classes. As the years continued, I took more classes and joined the competition team. It...

Masses of Masks?

Many students, under one demograhic, have begun to wear masks in order to prevent the onset of the Coronavirus. However, it's become a reason for misunderstandings  and racism among Asian-American students.

By Ashley P., Day Creek Intermediate School

February 6, 2020

The recent headlines of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak have become a part of the conversation at Day Creek Intermediate. However, the bigger picture at Day Creek seems to be on the faces of our classmates: masks worn in order to prevent the onset of the virus. Despite the fact that there haven’t be...

Tennessee needs to get rid of prior review

THE POSSIBILITY OF CENSORSHIP. A student newspaper editor works on layout. Tennessee students are subject to prior review, which can lead to censorship.

By Kylie Moore, John Sevier Middle School

January 29, 2020

In 2005, Oak Ridge High School principal Becky Ervin took all 1,800 copies of the student newspaper before they could be handed out to students. According to the Student Press Law Center, she was not happy about several articles in the newspaper, including one about body art and piercings. So far,...

New members elected to KCS board

NEW KIDS ON THE BOARD. Julie Byers, left, and Jim Welsch were recently elected as new members of the Kingsport City Schools Board of Education.

By Chloe McConnell, John Sevier Middle School

January 29, 2020

Jim Welsch and Julie Byers were elected earlier this year to serve a four-year term on Kingsport’s Board of Education. They are both first-time members and join returning members Carrie Upshaw, Eric Hyche and Todd Golden on the board. The Kingsport Board of Education makes many decisions that affect...

Should DCIS Revive After-School Sports Teams?

Could Day Creek be as recognized in sports as they are in academics?

By Shivani R. and Mikah C.

January 27, 2020

Crowds of parents and fans gather at Day Creek Intermediate School. They wait eagerly for their children to enter the gym, and when they do, the crowd roars with excitement. Let the games begin! There’s only one problem with this scenario: our school doesn’t even have any competitive sports teams.   ...

Livewire nominated as Crown finalist

Student reporter Danielle Bardelang takes photographs for an upcoming story on Livewire. Junior high news reporters take photos and write stories for the school's newspaper.

By Paris Lawson, Altoona Area Junior High School

January 6, 2020

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association has nominated the Livewire student newspaper for a crown award. This isn’t the first time the newspaper has been nominated. This time though, the Livewire is the only junior high or middle school to be nominated for a Gold or Silver Crown award in the c...

Kiera’s dream concert scheduled for this weekend

MUSIC TIME! The Altoona and Hollidaysburg orchestra students all cram on to the stage during a concert earlier this year.  On Dec.8 at 3 p.m,  the youth orchestra students will perfom a concert honoring Kiera Chirdon and it will be held at the Mishler theater.

By Sufana Hamid, Altoona Area Junior High School

December 20, 2019

On Dec. 8 at 3 p.m, the youth orchestra will perform a concert honoring Kiera Chirdon, an orchestra student who passed away in her sophomore year. The concert takes place at the Mishler Theater.  “I think it’s a great way of getting a lot of donations and money for the organizations. I think...

Half a Heart Didn’t Stop Her

Carly Mason has a rare heart condition...And she’s still dancing.

By Addison M. and Carolina A.

December 17, 2019

She enters school, greets her friends and goes to class. Typical Day Creek student, right? Or so it seems. Except she has half a heart. Carlie M., an eighth grade student, has a medical condition called Tricuspid Atresia. Tricuspid Atresia is a rare heart defect that was detected in an early ultrasound. ...

More Time to Sleep

SB 328 makes schools start later than 8:00. But is it really the best idea?

By Kaylee L., Day Creek Intermediate School

December 12, 2019

When you heard about the School Start Time bill that was recently signed by Governor Newsom, your immediate thought probably had to do with sleeping in. Until students think about the law apart from their pillow, the conversation probably won’t make it too far. Senate Bill 328 was introduced...

Editorial: video game addiction is real and must be fought

ALL TIED UP. Video game addiction, now an official mental health disorder, is a mayor problem among teens.

By The Editorial Board, John Sevier Middle School

November 26, 2019

They can’t fall asleep. Their palms are sweaty. They can’t stop thinking about their obsession. It consumes their thoughts and everyday life. They are suffering from an addiction. This addiction hides itself in an activity widely accepted and encouraged around the world: video games. Cam Adair...

Procrastination frequently strikes middle school students

DISTRACTED. A middle school student illustrates how procrastination can happen. Many students avoid doing their work and instead play on their electronic devices. According to research, this is not laziness, but avoidance.

By Aeriaunna Tucker, John Sevier Middle School

November 22, 2019

In middle school, procrastination affects many students and their ability to get work done. Procrastination is when someone puts off a task until the last minute. Procrastinate comes from the latin word “procrastinare”, meaning “to put off until tomorrow.” This habit usually affects grades...

Halloween Through a New Perspective

With the recent influx of different cultures at Day Creek Intermediate School, questions regarding how other countries celebrate Halloween are part of the conversation.

By Riley G. and Christine L.

November 20, 2019

Costumed kids seem to be everywhere, smiling and laughing as they walk around the neighborhood, knocking on door after door asking for candy. A smaller group appears to be loitering in front of the first house on the street, watching others to see what they should do. Excited, yet hesitant, the smaller...

KCS discovers lead in water fountains

A CLEAN DRINK OF WATER. Rayna Welsch drinks from a fountain at Sevier Middle. KCS recently replaced several fountains across the district due to lead.

By Aubree Puckett, John Sevier Middle School

November 14, 2019

Recently, lead was found in Kingsport City Schools water fountains. These water fountains were located at Dobyns-Bennett High School, as well as the elementary schools Jefferson, Johnson, Kennedy and Roosevelt. Overall, thirteen water fountains tested positive for lead levels that are simply too high. Jaycee...

KCS teacher pay change coming soon

MORE CASH? Kingsport City Schools teachers like Amanda Cox will see some changes in their pay check next school year.

By ShayLeigh Honaker, John Sevier Middle School

November 11, 2019

For the last few years, Kingsport City Schools has based teacher pay in part on students’ TNReady scores. Next year, this is set to change. TNReady scores will no longer count towards teachers’ overall pay. “Several years ago, the Tennessee Department of Education laid out rules that some school...

Harriet Tubman’s $20 bill delayed

LONG WAY OFF. Adding Harriet Tubman to the 0 bill has been delayed from 2020 until at least 2028.

By Ellie Jackson, John Sevier Middle School

November 6, 2019

In 2016, the Treasury Department proposed that the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, would be replaced with an accomplished black woman, Harriet Tubman, on the $20 bill. Although many citizens believed this would be a positive change, the current Secretary of the Treasury, Steven...

NBA’s Controversy with China

Over one tweet supporting Hong Kong, NBA players are starting to speak out and China is not taking it lightly.

By Shivani R., Day Creek Intermediate School

November 4, 2019

On October 4, general manager Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets sent out a tweet about the recent conflict between China and Hong Kong. He tweeted in support of the Hong Kong protestors. Some people agreed that Morey was trying to voice his opinion, while others thought that the tweet was absurd. He l...

Shelters vs. Breeders

Dogs are affectionately cared for at animal shelters until a loving adopters come along.

By Carolina A. and Mikah C.

October 29, 2019

60.2 million U.S. households own a dog. But how many of them were adopted from a shelter? According to the 2019 Woof Stats, an estimated 6.5 million animals are taken into an animal shelter every year. About half of these animals never find a permanent home, as they are either euthanized or unending...

World Health Organization declares gaming addiction a health disorder

HANDCUFFED BY GAMING? The WHO has declared video game addiction and mental health disorder. Many students at Sevier Middle agree that it is a major problem among teens.

By Chloe McConnell, John Sevier Middle School

October 24, 2019

Video games have been slowly taking over the world. They are played frequently and are becoming a problem. About 67% of Americans, or 211 million people, play video games on at least one type of device, with more than half of them playing on multiple devices. The World Health Organization, or WHO,...

“Vaping” becomes a dangerous trend among teens

SMOKE SIGNALS. The smell of vaping is become more common around teenagers.

By Olyvia Flemming, John Sevier Middle School

October 9, 2019

Tobacco has been an epidemic around the world since it was first harvested and used. The cancer-causing plant, filled with addictive nicotine, has had a major negative impact on the world. Alternative methods to smoking tobacco have been produced, such as vaping, juuling and smokeless tobacco. Vaping...

Schools continue to evaluate safety measures

SAFETY FIRST. Student Resource Officer Mike Campbell directs traffic before school starts. The SRO position is one of several
ways the school system works to keep students safe.

By Micah Maynard, John Sevier Middle School

October 8, 2019

School safety: a common topic among students, parents, teachers, and even politicians. Teachers, students, police, and government officials have been debating new safety procedures to keep students safe in schools. Holly Flora, the principal at Sevier Middle, makes sure that the school is safe and...

Students sing their way to upcoming chorus concert

Let's go!
Chorus teacher Jessica Connell plays the piano to

By Destiny Montgomery, Altoona Area Junior High School

May 14, 2019

On May 3, eighth and ninth grade varsity chorus members will be performing for their spring concert. Choral director and teacher Jessica Connell has been preparing the students for their concert. Students have a period of chorus everyday. Eighth grade has it first o...

Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests get closer

Try to remember it all!  Eighth graders Nicholas Ray and Logan Wilt are practicing and reviewing for the science PSSA's.  Since the beginning of the year, seventh and eighth grade have been preparing for the standardized tests.

By Zakary Hicks, Altoona Area Junior High School

May 14, 2019

The seventh and eighth grade PSSA's are here.  These standardized tests include reading and mathematics for seventh and eighth grade, writing for eighth grade and science for eighth grade. These tests require early planning. “There just never seems to be enough time to get in all the different...

Sen. Scott visits DMS

Tammy Bennett, STEM teacher, talks about her program during Sen. Paul Scott's tour of Duncan Middle School

By Whitley Brown, Duncan Middle School

April 11, 2019

Oklahoma Sen. Paul Scott of Duncan, paid a visit to Duncan Middle School Friday, taking the opportunity to hear from teachers about their concerns with education in Oklahoma. Throughout his time at the middle school, Scott took time to talk with teachers during the three lunch period, took a tour of the...

Seventh, eighth grade track and field kicks off

Students may participate in the Mountain Lion Classic each year in April.

By Brayden Adams, Altoona Area Junior High School

April 2, 2019

The seventh and eighth grade track and field team began practice on Monday, March 4 at the junior high with an informational discussion about what athletes will do in track and field. The track and field team will be having a total of 12 eighth grade meets and nine seventh grade meets.  Four of these...

Teachers decide between buildings

Saying goodbye! 
The ninth grade mural hangs beside the elevator on the ninth grade floor. The ninth grade floor will become the eighth grade floor once the new school is done.

By Destiny Montgomery, Altoona Area Junior High School

April 2, 2019

With the new high school coming during the 2020-2021 school year, teachers in the junior high faced the decision to move to the high school or stay at the junior high. Teachers could either stay and teach sixth, seventh or eighth grade, or they can move and teach ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth. Since...

Indoor teams take wins in Portage

All smiles!
Eighth grader Danielle Bardelang competes with her teammates in Portage, PA. She enjoyed the competition and can't wait until the next one.

By Destiny Montgomery, Altoona Area Junior High School

March 21, 2019

On Feb. 17, the indoor silks and majorettes traveled to Portage, PA to compete in a TU competition. Indoor majorettes The indoor majorettes won first in the “Junior High Majorette” category. Indoor adviser Samantha Cessna brought the girls to the competition and was eager to win. “Goi...

Family Fitness Night 2019

Family Fitness Night is when families can go out and play games at Day Creek's gym.

By Alisha G. and Ashima G.

March 4, 2019

Day Creek’s P.E. teachers are scattered throughout the gym, darting around on scooters alongside students and teachers alike. Music plays in the background, but not loud enough to drown out mixed sounds of laughter and frustration that fill the air. On Wednesday night, Day Creek’s Family Fitness...

Pairs of seventh-grade twins share birthday

Alex and Dani Agular-Ortiz share their birthdays with another set of twins at Duncan Middle School.

By Whitley Brown, Duncan Middle School

February 24, 2019

For seventh-graders Callen and Emersen Villagrana, Feb. 21 is an important day. It's their birthday. And while sharing a birthday isn't unusual for twins, what's different is they share their birthday with another set of twins at Duncan Middle School, Alexandra and Daniella Agular-Ortiz, both of whom...

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