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PIHS Community Talks About Vaping Among Teens

Emily Poitras | March 26, 2019

It’s 1982, you’re a PIHS sophomore and you have a pack of cigarettes you bought for 82 cents.  During lunch, you head toward the same side of the building as the bus loading zone.  After all, that’s…

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Promotional Video Triggers Memories of Bullying

Peyton Day | January 24, 2019

On Wednesday, October 10 the MSAD1 promotional video was released on Facebook, but not all of the feedback was positive.

“PIHS is a good school, it got me prepared me for a university. But they didn’t…

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Injured seniors sidelined but still involved

Carly Guerrette | January 23, 2019

Instead of walking upstairs to the varsity locker room to change, Savannah Rodriguez ’19 finds a spot on the sideline. Instead of hauling her sneakers out of her locker and tightening her laces, she sits…

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